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a Rafflecopter giveaway

Fancy winning a Bobbin Cape and a copy of The Girl's Bicycle Handbook? Well, to be in with a chance to win all you need to do is enter the online raffle above. The winner will be picked at random and announced on 24th March. The Bobbin Cape is the ideal addition to any stylish cyclists spring wardrobe and it could be yours for FREE!

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Cyclists casting call...

Calling all cyclists who like the limelight... Sky are looking for cyclists to star in their new campaign. take a look at the casting details below and if you fir the bill get in contact with

"At Sky it’s our mission to get people back out on their bikes!
We are producing a new campaign to raise awareness of our SKY RIDE ( cycling website. We want cyclists across the country to discover the host of cycling related activities and info it contains.
Our campaign is based on the emotion of cycling. Everyone who’s ever ridden a bike will know how riding a bike feels, this feeling is common to all. Therefore we’d love to feature the real cyclists of Britain in the TV spot, along with members of the Sky Team. We want to illustrate and celebrate the host of cycling Britons that there now are.
Specifically we are after the following categories of British cyclist:
-Female: 18-35 non-competitive (ie non lycra wearing!) Loves her bike, loves riding her bike! Uses her bike to go shopping, see friends.
-Boy: aged 6-9 and his family. 
-Competitive males and females: Aged over 30. Committed weekend cyclists.
-Mountain bikers: (we’re not talking Red Bull Rampage! Just folks who like going off the road even if that means strictly “on path”).
-Non Competitive males over 35. If you use your bike to get places- that’s what we’re after.
We’re happy to shoot groups or individuals.
If you’re interested in taking part or know of someone that’s fits the bill please don’t hesitate to contact us:
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Dreamy inspiration on Pin Interest...

Have a look at our boards and follow us if you like what you see

I have finally got around to setting up a Pin Interest account  -very slow on the uptake I know but better late than never as am loving it!  Simply looking through an eternal stream of pretty pictures and pinning the ones one likes is not just a treat for the eyes but is also remarkably calming and satisfying . So if you have a spare 5 mins and can't be bothered to tweet or talk have a look at our boards, and get taken on a journey of discovery on the smorgasbord of inspiration and  loveliness that is Pin Interest.

See our board of nice Bicycle pics

See our favourite pics from all our photoshoots
See our board of random stuff we like

PS. I have not yet figured out how to add a Pin interest widget to my blog... when I upload the widget it just published as a link not a button (see below) and Pin interest is not on the share options in blog settings. If anyone knows how so it and has the time to explain it, pls email



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Tell me why you love your bike??

If you are a lady who cycles and you have a spare 10 mins, I would love, love, love it if you would email me your answers to the 3 questions below. I am currently writing a book for women about cycling and want to pepper it with mini interviews from real women who cycle.

All you need to do is email me answers to the following 3 question.

Email me at

Copy and paste the questions into the email, and rattle off your answers. pls dont spend too long on it just write whatever comes to mind.

Also if you have a photo of you on/with your bike that you would be happy to be printed attach it to the email. Thank you!

1. What bike do you ride and why do your like it?

2. What do you love about cycling/ how does it benefit your life?

3. What's your favourite outfit to cycle in?

4. Do you cycle to work? If so tell me about the benefits? And how you carry stuff you need for work on your bike?

Also, you DO NOT have to be London based, I would love to hear from people from all over the globe!

The deadline for answers is 28th June 2013.

If your profile is going to be selected for the book, you will be emailed by 24th July.

Thank you! Cant wait to read your answers and see you pics.

Caz x


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Like us on Facebook and win £50 Gift voucher


To celebrate the launch of our new Gift Section we are giving away a £50 Gift Voucher to spend at All you need to do is Like our new Facebook Fan Page. The Lucky winner will be picked at Random and will be announced on the Fan Page on 7th Dec.

We have been searching high and low for the best pressies for your cycling loved ones and have got some real crackers lined up, 3 of my faves are....

1. Candy Bell £16.99, all wrapped up like a sweety! (currently unavailable)



Reflective Helmet Bow £12.99








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Hot in a Helmet: We Need You!

Readers of the blog will know we are on a mission this summer to rid the 'Bike Helmet' of its geeky image and champion it as a Fashion Accessory not a Fashion Crime.
Its not that we think everyone should ALWAYS wear a helmet when cycling. Wearing a helmet is a choice and I am all for the freedom of  flowing locks. However when I first started cycling in London I was scared of the roads and a combination of wearing a helmet and having professional cycle training gave me a much needed confidence boost.

So to help women get over their helmet hang ups we have launched a Hot in a Helmet Gallery and we need pics of you 'rockin' it in your helmet.

You can email us your pics to or tweet them to @cyclechic

Or just have a browse at the gallery and like your fave looks.

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Love London, Go Dutch

I've just signed the petition to support LCC's Love London, Go Dutch Campaign. The general idea, as the name suggests,  is to make our streets as safe and as inviting for cyclists as they are in the Netherlands, where 47% of the population cycle regularly.

When I first started writing London Cycle Chic. I did a lot of research into the barriers that prevent people from cycling. Safety fears were by far the main barrier. And although the image of cycling has seen a vast improvement in recent years and there are more bikes on the London streets, is it really any safer than it was 5 years ago?

I cant speak for the whole of London but I haven't seen many changes to the routes I do regularly. And especially as most of my journeys are now done with my 3 years old daughter in tow, I am highly aware of any possible dangers or risky roads.

On our regular journey to the swimming pool, I opt for as almost entirely non-road route, through a business park , along a very wide pavement (cus it just seems silly not too when faced with the busy A315). This is by no means a cycle specific route but as a lot of cyclists do you make up your own route in preference to busy, vehicle orientated roads.

As cycling becomes more and more popular and everyone seems to agree it a jolly good solution for London's transport problems, surely more radical changes need to be taken. The unnecessarily wide pavement on my way to the swimming pool has very few pedestrian's using it. I have often thought it would accommodate a segregated cycle lane rather nicely and then perhaps we would see more Mums and Dads cycling there kids to the swimming pool rather than driving.

There are however quite a few journeys where I can not find a sneaky alternative route and the main road is the only way to go. These are often a no no with the little one and we both end up glum on the bus.

The LCC  campaign is  focused on putting a stop to car-centric planning and making a dedicated space for cyclists on these larger roads
" That’s why our 'Go Dutch' campaign calls for clear space, Dutch-style, for cycling along major roads in every London borough."

So please if you cycle and Love London, show your support and sign up to Go Dutch.

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Dawn Porter hauls her cookies from London to Paris by Bike!


TV Presenter and old uni chum of mine, Dawn Porter, took on the huge challenge of cycling from London to Paris last week. Despite severe saddle sore, she made it and we were only too happy to kit her out with a helmet and panniers to help her complete the mammoth ride in style.








Dawn was not just doing the ride to tone her thighs, she was raising money for a charity dear to her heart, Breast Cancer Care. So in keeping with the pink theme we sent her Sawako Furuno Ribbon Helmet in Rose and two Pink Maripopas Panniers.

Well done Dawn!






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