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Bike Beats: Summer Jams

The British summertime has been working part time, hasn’t it? Just when we think it’s finally starting to sort its life out, it throws us a grey day and we have to put a waterproof in our pannier bag. To give summer a helping hand we’ve put together a little bike themed play list for you to blast out at BBQs. Call it Pimms for your ears if you will. Best served chilled:

Jill Scott, Golden



It’s time to stop what you are doing and dance. Here is Jill Scott’s 2004 track Golden. She can sing, she can ride a bike, sometimes with no hands. Let’s all copy Jill by pouring a bowl of freedom, putting on some yellow and riding our bikes to the beach.

The Smiths, Stop Me If You Think You’ve Heard This One Before


Check out these guys, riding around Salford, denim clad with haircuts and glasses. It’s just like East London today. Trail blazing and giving zero cares since the 80s, let’s give it up for The Smiths.

Mark Ronson, The Business Intl. - The Bike Song


This is everything we could ever ask for. It contains bike porn galore. If that wasn’t enough, the speaker system on Ronson’s ride is to die for *Sellotapes boombox to bike*.

Queen, Bicycle Race


AS IF it ever gets hot enough to ride naked, we’ll be lucky to go without socks right about now. If you are going to cycle naked, we recommend you don’t do it on a Boris bike. This is the ultimate cycling anthem. Watch out, this tune will get suck in your head.


Bat For Lashes, What’s a Girl To Do


Next time we have to be somewhere fast, We are going to pretend there are creepy hooded Donny Darko type creatures on BMXs behind us.


Bob Sinclar, Love Generation


An ultimate feel good summer tune that brings us right back to our childhood summer holidays. That magical time between sports day and shopping for new school shoes where the days were long and you could ride your bike around all day.


Disiz, Le Poids d'Un Gravillon



Paris is a great city to see by bike so we thought we’d include a bit of French to add a certain je ne sais quoi to this collection of tunes.  Also, there is always room for another video of people looking awesome riding around on BMXs in convoy.

Ben Howard, Only Love


Here is Ben Howard cruising around New York in a t-shirt and performing live at Shepherd's Bush Empire. Get practising cycling with your feet up.


N*E*R*D, Provider


RIGHT, THAT’S IT, we are starting a BMX crew. Who’s in? Just look at them hanging outside the Quick-E-Mart with their caps on backwards being a whole world of cool. Look out for cameos from Tony Hawk, Travis Barker and Pusha T.


Kraftwerk, Tour de France



Fresh of the back of our last blog post on Vintage Tour de France, here is the Kraftwerk anthem that we often have on repeat at Cycle Chic HQ.  Pure summer nostalgia.

Chemical Brothers, Velodrome



One of the songs from the London 2012 Olympics. HOW was that three years ago? Yet we haven’t aged a day. With Rio 2016 approaching we are going to listen to this and remember the Olympic lanes in the road and how everyone was wearing lanyards. 

Paramore, Still Into You



Riding around indoors on blinged up BMXs, ballerinas, pink hair, balloons, sparklers and cake, oh my. This video is practically taken verbatim from our diaries from when we were eight. Ok, eighteen. OK, twenty-eight.


So let’s listen to this, soak up every ounce of summer, chill in parks with friends in beer gardens, and ride our bikes in vests. Quick, before we have to get our winter clothes out again.

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Velove is in the air







In case you’ve been cycling around with your eyes closed, Valentine’s Day is a week today.
Cycle away from the clichés and go on a romantic ride. It’s cheap and you can even boycott all the hearts and go with friends. If you really want to go for it, most bike hire companies provide tandem hire and it’s a well known fact that on an adorable scale of one to kittens, a tandem is a nine. A couple of places you can hire from in London are,
Here are some things to remember when riding in tandem:
  • The person on the front is called the pilot, the stoker is on the back and under no circumstances should either of you start singing “Daisy Daisy” it will never leave your head. EVER. 
  • Work on your stage whisper. You aren’t in a car, people can hear what you say to each other.
  • When people say ‘they aren’t peddling’ about your stoker, always smile and laugh in a patronising way so they realise they are not the first.
  • If you see another tandem hold hands with them and ask if they have any good come backs to the ‘they aren’t peddling’ heckle.

  • Don’t get punctures. A whole ‘it’s your fault’ back and forth will begin.
  • Gear changes can come as a surprise to the stoker. As pilot you must either warn your stoker in advance or revel in the power.
  • The pilot should remember that they are what the stoker will be staring at A LOT. Keep your hair tidy, your helmet shiny (it can act as a mirror) and try to make your back as interesting as possible. One idea is to tape a map to your back so the stoker can navigate/ feel important.

  • You are always going to look adorable on a tandem but match outfits to look EVEN MORE fricken adorable.
Whatever you feel about Valentine's, we think it’s a perfect time to show your bike (and maybe your partner if they deserve it) some good loving. A few gifts ideas...

Wear your heart on your sleeve or anywhere you like. Write the card to your bike.
 Ding ding. This will show your bike how much you heart it. 
Bike Love poster £25
...but not as much as I love mine.
Reflect on the times you've shared.
BYOB? Bring your Perfect for that romantic meal for two.
Because we all know what is the light of our lives.
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Happy New Year and a few Jan Bargains


Yippee, a brand new year has begun! Congrats to all those who are cycling through the winter, and bearing the brunt of these rather unpleasant storms. Dropping my daughter at school, by bike, yesterday, felt like completing some kind of an Iron man challenge!

Hopefully we can help you along your way by offering you some discounts on products that will help you survive the winter by bike.

My top 3 recommendations in the sale are:

Bookman lights: These are nifty little lights, I have been using them all winter and they haven't let me down. Although the bulb looks small they actually emit quite a beam. The other bonus is that they attach with an a hairband type band so they are flexible and can be attached to baskets and rear racks as well as the usual handlebar and seat post. The clay colour is my fave as they work very well with my brown bike but dark jade and white are also nice. 40% off. Now only £10.




Bike cover - If you have to keep your bike outdoors in the rain and gales, make sure you cover it up. This jazzy little bike cover is just the ticket and comes in pink/white/navy or monochrome. It also has velcro and ties so it will stay secure on your bike and not blow away. With 20% off, its now only £27.99.









Bern Lenox Helmet Purple (currently unavailable) - I wouldn't be without my Bern Lenox when winter cycling. it's snug and cosy and gives me the confidence to face the harsher road conditions. The Bern helmets are also great for cycling in rain as they only have a few ventilation holes so your head stays pretty much dry and the peak prevents rain going in your eyes. The nice bright purple colour is good for visibility too. Now with 30% off, its only £34.99.

























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Happy Christmas!

Whether you'll be out on your tandem on boxing day (with Santa??) or your hanging up your helmets for a few days break, have a wonderful Christmas and a happy New Year!

Caz & Lavinia x

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On Top of The World

Very cool photo (although the Mum in me is a a little worried about her getting down safely) I came across on  John Daniel Reiss's flikr.

It reminds me of some of the old bicycle illustrations from the early 1900's when artists and bike companies were  capturing how cycling was empowering and liberating women.

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We heart you Victoria

Congratulations to Victoria Pendleton for her Olympic triumph, of course a shame she didn't clinch the Gold today but she has been amazing (how exciting was the Keirin final on Friday?!) She is truly an inspiration and like the entire GB cycling team she seems like someone you genuinely would want to be friends with. 
She has such tremendous talent, determination and spirit and she also looks wonderfully stylish whether she's kitted up on the track or posing with a Pashley in vintage gear. She is also passionate about encouraging more women to cycle and is ambassador women's cycling event Cycletta.







Bamboo Bike

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