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Bike Beats: Summer Jams

The British summertime has been working part time, hasn’t it? Just when we think it’s finally starting to sort its life out, it throws us a grey day and we have to put a waterproof in our pannier bag. To give summer a helping hand we’ve put together a little bike themed play list for you to blast out at BBQs. Call it Pimms for your ears if you will. Best served chilled:

Jill Scott, Golden



It’s time to stop what you are doing and dance. Here is Jill Scott’s 2004 track Golden. She can sing, she can ride a bike, sometimes with no hands. Let’s all copy Jill by pouring a bowl of freedom, putting on some yellow and riding our bikes to the beach.

The Smiths, Stop Me If You Think You’ve Heard This One Before


Check out these guys, riding around Salford, denim clad with haircuts and glasses. It’s just like East London today. Trail blazing and giving zero cares since the 80s, let’s give it up for The Smiths.

Mark Ronson, The Business Intl. - The Bike Song


This is everything we could ever ask for. It contains bike porn galore. If that wasn’t enough, the speaker system on Ronson’s ride is to die for *Sellotapes boombox to bike*.

Queen, Bicycle Race


AS IF it ever gets hot enough to ride naked, we’ll be lucky to go without socks right about now. If you are going to cycle naked, we recommend you don’t do it on a Boris bike. This is the ultimate cycling anthem. Watch out, this tune will get suck in your head.


Bat For Lashes, What’s a Girl To Do


Next time we have to be somewhere fast, We are going to pretend there are creepy hooded Donny Darko type creatures on BMXs behind us.


Bob Sinclar, Love Generation


An ultimate feel good summer tune that brings us right back to our childhood summer holidays. That magical time between sports day and shopping for new school shoes where the days were long and you could ride your bike around all day.


Disiz, Le Poids d'Un Gravillon



Paris is a great city to see by bike so we thought we’d include a bit of French to add a certain je ne sais quoi to this collection of tunes.  Also, there is always room for another video of people looking awesome riding around on BMXs in convoy.

Ben Howard, Only Love


Here is Ben Howard cruising around New York in a t-shirt and performing live at Shepherd's Bush Empire. Get practising cycling with your feet up.


N*E*R*D, Provider


RIGHT, THAT’S IT, we are starting a BMX crew. Who’s in? Just look at them hanging outside the Quick-E-Mart with their caps on backwards being a whole world of cool. Look out for cameos from Tony Hawk, Travis Barker and Pusha T.


Kraftwerk, Tour de France



Fresh of the back of our last blog post on Vintage Tour de France, here is the Kraftwerk anthem that we often have on repeat at Cycle Chic HQ.  Pure summer nostalgia.

Chemical Brothers, Velodrome



One of the songs from the London 2012 Olympics. HOW was that three years ago? Yet we haven’t aged a day. With Rio 2016 approaching we are going to listen to this and remember the Olympic lanes in the road and how everyone was wearing lanyards. 

Paramore, Still Into You



Riding around indoors on blinged up BMXs, ballerinas, pink hair, balloons, sparklers and cake, oh my. This video is practically taken verbatim from our diaries from when we were eight. Ok, eighteen. OK, twenty-eight.


So let’s listen to this, soak up every ounce of summer, chill in parks with friends in beer gardens, and ride our bikes in vests. Quick, before we have to get our winter clothes out again.

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