Ass Saver
Ass Saver Ass Saver

Ass Saver Mudguard - Asst Colours

because you bottom deserves it

SALE - 30% OFF

  • Compatible with just about every rail saddle (except Brooks saddles)  
  • Easy to attach, fold and detach  (See in video below how easy it really is!)
  • Stable once in position 
  • Resilient to wear and tear 
  • Perfect for bikes without mudguards to stop mud and water spraying up.


Nobody wants a mud splattered bottom! When the roads are wet, muddly puddles can cause havoc if you don't have mudguards. The Ass saver mudguard is the perfect thing to keep the mudspats at bay and your jeans clean. 





Waiting for stock in the following colours/sizes:

  • Black
  • Blue
  • Red

We are busy ordering more, email us to find out when they will be back.

 We ship worldwide

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