Bike Balls - Rear light
Bike Balls - Rear lightBike Balls - Rear lightBike Balls - Rear light

Bike Balls - Rear light

The worlds most confident bike light

Bring some humour to your daily commute and bring a smile to even the most disgruntled driver with your illuminated light-sack.

  • High-grade silicone body with integrated strap and on/off switch
  • Designed to be mounted to the back of your saddle. 
  • More noticeable than your average bike light making you safer and more noticeable
  •  Single red LED with three light modes - solid / slow flashing / fast flashing
  • 360-degree glow
  •  Includes batteries (2xCR2032)
  •  RoHS / CE Approved

We're not saying we entirely approve but if they make people smile and keep you safe then we're happy! 

 We ship worldwide

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