Bobbin Retro Front Light
Bobbin Retro Front LightBobbin Retro Front Light

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Bobbin Retro Front Light
Add a retro touch to your bike

  • Powered by two AA batteries
  • Automatic daylight sensor
  • Bright LED directional beam
  • Light comes with bracket to mount it to the fork
  • Perfect for replacing conked-out / ancient dynamo lights

Old-fashioned on the outside, modern on the inside!

  • Please note this light is designed for use on retro/vintage bikes with steel forks.
  • The bracket is for mounting the light in-between the calliper brake and the front fork.
  • To fit the light you must remove the front brake. If you are unsure how to do this, we strongly recommend paying a bike mechanic to do it for you. We are not responsible for incorrectly fitted lights.
  • We cannot guarantee this light will fit bikes with v-brakes, basket brackets or front racks.
  • This light must not be used on bikes with: short-drop calliper road brakes; cantilever brakes; brakes with short, recessed hex bolts; carbon forks; aluminium frames
  • The light bracket is flat. Your fork is round. You must place the rounded washer from your brake in-between the two or you will snap the bracket. Order of mounting from front to back: 1. Brake; 2. Standard washer; 3. Light bracket; 4. Rounded washer; 5. Fork; 6. (back of fork) Washer, Nut

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