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Bookman Magnetic Clip On Reflectors – More Colours


A super-simple way to add reflective details to any garment


Wearable magnetic reflectors are a convenient and effortless way to add reflection to any item of clothing or item. Strong magnetic ends provide a secure bond to whatever you’re wearing. Whether cycling, running, walking the dog or taking a midnight stroll, clip them on you or your bike to be seen in the dark, making your twilight journey that much safer.

1. Pull apart the tabs.
2. Place fabric or item in the middle.
3. Close tabs together.

2 x magnetic Clip-on Reflectors.


Choose your favourite colour or collect them all.


We love these reflectors as they are just so stylish and easy to use. They can be worn all day every day as when they don’t have lights on them they are really understated. Or they can be stashed away in your bag ready to whip out and clip on whenever you need that extra bit of reflectiveness.

Weight 0.007 kg



Black, Blue, Green


Kids, Men, Unisex, Women


White, Pink, Mint, Black

1 review for Bookman Magnetic Clip On Reflectors – More Colours

  1. Diana

    I used to cycle 45 minutes to work in rainy Glasgow and then take another 30 minutes to shower, get rid of mud and become presentable. I discovered the e bike, now it’s 20 minutes of cycling to get to work but Glasgow remains rainy . My mission has been to get off the bike dry and presentable and to be seen in dark nights. So cycle chic. The Happy Days raincoat has been good – and looks smart even if not cycling. A Hill and Ellis satchel style pannier is a joy to fit and lift off the bike in seconds, much admired as a bag, but a bit small for work papers and cycle spares. So I use a proper pannier for the cycle spares and additional layers. Dublin Leggings have kept my legs and feet very dry. One size reflective mittens were too small for my largish hands and I suspect not waterproof enough and might be difficult to change gear but not put to the test. The reflective vest is great, but not waterproof. I wear it over the raincoat so no problem. I got some reflective hearts to attach to the spokes of my wheels but these bounce off when hitting the odd pothole. Have caused great hilarity in sharing the concept of the cycling thong. Get to gloat in the bike shed with the Lycra set who have to go off and change. Thank you Cycle Chic.

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