Green Oil Bike Chain Lube

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Green Oil Bike Chain Lube

100ml bottle
Green Oil
  • Penetrates 
  • Lubricates
  • Protects
  • Prevents rust

Why use chain oil?

A chain can be over 99% efficient in transfering energy from your pedaling to kinetic energy to drive the bike forward. 
Friction occurs between links, and lubricating the chain reduces this - increasing efficiency.
Also, your bike chain is exposed to the elements: water + steel = rust. 
Rust = reduced efficiency (and harder pedaling!)

Rust and wear due to friction also reduce the life of your bike chain. Green Oil chain lube reduces both, extending the life of your chain, and reducing friction, for a smoother ride.


Green Oil chain lube was developed in 2007, and is the country's if not the World's first biodegradable bike chain lube. It lasts in excess of 100 miles on the chain per application (depending on conditions) and has won a wealth of awards - from environmentalists and the bike industry alike.

Green Oil has an easy to use 'snap cap' Simply twist and pull off in one go. It has a fantastic long nozzle, easy to get to hard to reach areas.

Green Oil chain lube now contains N-Toc, a special refined plant extract to increase durability, increasing the length of time between applications.

Green Oil can also be used for cables, brake leavers, bike locks and for other lube applications. Its versatile.


  1. Ensure your bike is secure
  2. Preferably clean the chain first, and dry. (A wipe down with a rag is better than nothing)
  3. Work out how many times you need to spin the cranks for one chain circulation - Slowly turn the cranks backwards, watching a single chain link go all the way around.
  4. Apply Green Oil to the top part of the bottom half of the chain . Apply to one length of the chain. Apply to the 'rollers', the cylinders on the chain. 
  5. Carefully spin the cranks a few times.
  6. Wipe off excess from the outside of the chain with a rag. Its most important to have lube between the links of the chain, rather than on the outside.


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