Green Oil Bike Clean Chain Degreaser

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Green Oil Bike Clean Chain Degreaser

100ml bottle
Green Oil
  • Clean Chain is a degreasing gel
  • Sticks to the chain for effective degreasing
  • Clean Chain degreaser is 100% Natural and biodegradable
  • Can be diluted to make 1 litre of Green Clean bike cleaner
  • Made in Britain

Why clean your chain?
Layer upon layer of chain lube can build up into a mess. Pollution in the air can pollute your chain, and mud and road dirt can also make it dirty. A clean chain with oil can be over 99% efficient.


Ok, so cleaning your bike might not be the best thing about cycling but it can be made a whole lot more fun and efficient by the Green Oil products. Are you forever piling on more and more chain lube, ending up with one very black, sticky chain that leaves marks on your trousers?? If so this is the product you need and the fact that it is made from coconut oil and orange peel and has a gung ho 1940's lady on the front is an added bonus to its usefulness! 

How is Green Clean green?

Well firstly, its not just the name! The Green Clean formula is totally biodegradable, but not only that, its formula uses 100% natural ingredients. That means a minimal impact on the environment, and lower carbon footprint. Green Clean was developed in house by UK based company Green oil and has award winning cleaning performance. It uses a special detergent derived from coconut oil, and orange peel extract among other natural ingredients. Curiously, the orange peel is a bi-product of the organic orange juice industry. All ingredients are sustainably sourced too.

  1. Apply liberally to the chain
  2. Ride the bike for a minute or less to work it in, shifting through the gears
  3. Next, wipe the chain hard with a dry rag
  4. Then, wipe or scrub down again with a wet rag or Green Oil Bicycle Brush. (It helps to do this on the top part of the chain, keeping the chain tight by holding the cranks in place)
  5. Rinse thoroughly with water. A good way is to pour a watering can onto the chain, whilst turning the cranks backwards.
  6. Leave to dry, or dry with an old towel

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