Green Oil Clean Bike Cleaner

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Green Oil Clean Bike Cleaner

1 litre bottle
Green Oil
  • Has a dual mode spray - Water pistol or wide spray modes
  • Utilizes 100% natural ingredients 
  • Uses cross cycled fizzy drinks cap 
  • Made in Britain
  • Green Clean is not only biodegradable, but uses 100% natural ingredients too

So why clean your bike?
A smoother surface free of mud makes your bike more aerodynamic. But mainly, mud build up doesn't look nice on your ride. Further, its important to keep brake pad surfaces clean, and your derailleur free from mud for gear changing.

Cleaning your bike might not be the most fun bit about cycling but its made a lot more enjoyable with this product!

How is Green Clean green?

Well firstly, its not just the name! The Green Clean formula is totally biodegradable, but not only that, its formula uses 100% natural ingredients. That means a minimal impact on the environment, and lower carbon footprint. Green Clean was developed in house and has award winning cleaning performance. It uses a special detergent derived from coconut oil, and orange peel extract among other natural ingredients. Curiously, the orange peel is a bi-product of the organic orange juice industry. All ingredients are sustainably sourced too.

How to use Green Clean

  1. Shake the bottle to activate ingredients
  2. Twist spray nozzle to select either spray or water pistol mode
  3. Spray all over your dirty bike
  4. Leave for around 2 minutes
  5. Use a wet Ecosponge and Bicycle Brush to clean off dirt and grime
  6. Thoroughly rinse your bike with preferably rain water from a butt, or tap water
  7. Admire your clean bike!

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