Green Oil - Spray Lube

Green Oil - Spray Lube

Water displacer, lubricator and rust preventer in one can!
Green Oil

Eco friendly spray lubricant:

PRE-ORDER! Stock arriving Monday 12th August!

- Displaces water - get rid of water after cleaning your bike
- Lubricates - chains, suspension forks and more!
- Protects from moisture
- Quick and easy to use
- Fluid content 100% biodegradable
- Comes with straw for hard to reach areas - brake leavers, moving parts on dérailleurs, and more!

Ideal if you want to stop a squeaky chain super fast in a rush and no more oily hands!

As featured in the Observer Magazine, July 2019!


Cleaning your bike might not be the most fun bit about cycling but its by using the spray lube it's made super easy and can be done on the go! Green Oil using only eco friendly, sustainably sourced, 100% bio-degradable ingredients and all bottles and tubs are made from 100% recycled materials and are completely recyclable.

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