Reflective bow by day in white
Reflective bow by day in whiteReflective bow by night in redReflective bow by day in redReflective bow by night in whiteHow it works

Reflective Bike Helmet Bow- Assorted colours

A versatile reflective bow
OneTwoThree Speed

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  • Made of reflective fabric - ideal for stylish night cycling (look at pics to the left to see each bow in normal daylight and then in reflective mode) 
  • Comes in 6 colours
  • Velcro strap slots through back vent holes to secure to your helmet
  • Perfect gift idea!


Attach this bow to the back of your helmet to stay stylishly safe! Use the vents in the back of the helmet to attach the bow. Bows fit most helmets and can be adjusted to fit, just cut off the extra velcro and you are ready to go!

You could also attach them to your basket, pannier, rucksack etc.


Onetwothreespeed bicycle-related accoutrement are handmade in Brooklyn USA by a crafty urban planner named Inbar. It all began when she gussied up her boring old helmet with a reflective bow. She is now working on further projects.

Waiting for stock in the following colours/sizes:

  • Red

We are busy ordering more, email us to find out when they will be back.

 We ship worldwide

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