Rydesafe moustache decals
Rydesafe moustache decalsExample of Rydesafe decalsRydesafe Decals Moustache

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Example of Rydesafe decals

Rydesafe Decals Moustache


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  • Customise your bike frame, helmet with these fun decal stickers. 
  • Made of reflective film which contains fine glass beads that reflect light back to its source
  • Please note that these decals are no subsitute for safetly lights but will greatly increase your visibility on the road
  • The Moustache set contains 2 decals 7.5cm by 2cm

Frightfully good reflective fun. If your bike is real gent, give him a reflective tash to make him stand out from the crowd.

These decals can be removed using your thumbnail and gently peeling them away. Remove remaining adhesive with a cloth dampened with rubbing alcohol.

These decals are not re-usable.

Waiting for stock in the following colours/sizes:

  • Orange
  • Silver

We are busy ordering more, email us to find out when they will be back.

 We ship worldwide

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