Urban Proof Electric Bell - Black
Urban Proof Electric Bell - BlackUrban Proof Electric Bell - BlackUrban Proof Electric Bell - BlackUrban Proof Electric Bell - Black

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Urban Proof Electric Bell - Black

Modern Electric bell with a choice of tunes.
Urban Proof

The new URBAN PROOF Electric bike bell it is now even easier and more fun to alert other cyclists on the street that you are coming.

Simply push on top of the bell to make it ring.

With a choice between three different electric sounds, there is always a tune for you. And switching between them is easy: just push and hold for a few seconds to go to a new sound. 

For the gadget loving cyclist, this electric bell is just the ticket. If the vintage ding dong bells are not your cup of tea and you want something all together more modern then look no further than this bell. We love that you simply need to touch the bell and it will sound out so you focus fully on your ride. We also love that there are 3 different sounds making you the most tuneful cyclist around. 

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