Bike Basket support bracket
Bike Basket support bracketBike Basket front support bracket

Bike Basket support bracket

  • Perfect support for wicker bike basket
  • connects to front wheel axle and the base on the basket. 
  • Made of hardwearing metal
  • Handy mount to attach a light too. 
  • Fots 26-28ich wheels. 
  • Colour: black



We love a wicker basket here at Cyclechic but sometimes they need a little help... When a wicker basket is only attached with leather straps it can move when weighted down by lots of shopping etc and can interfer with your brake cable. A great solution is to support it from the base with metal basket support bracket. It attaches at the the front wheel axle and then at the base if your basket and screws into a small metal plate to keep it in place. Most wicker baskets don't have ready made holes in the base to accomodate a bracket so you may have to force the screws though but wicker is strong and a little force won't damage the basket. If you feel nervous about doing it, take it to you local bike shop, they'll be able to secure it with that proffesional touch.

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