Classic wicker basket
Classic wicker basketClassic Wicker Basket Classic Wicker BasketClassic Wicker BasketWicker basket

Classic Wicker Bike Basket
This classic wicker bicycle basket will add vintage charm to any bike

  • Made from woven wicker
  • 2 metal hooks that simply fit over the handlebars
  • Width at the top: 37cm, Depth at the top: 30. Base Width at the base: 27.5cm, Depth at the base: 20cm
  • Capacity of 24.5L
  • Carrying capacity: 5kg

Bicycles and wicker baskets belong together. Not only do they look charming and romantic but they are wonderfully practical. We love this classic wicker basket, as it simply hooks onto the handlebars and you can take it off easily and use it for your shopping, fruit picking, picnics by the river or any other basket type activities. It's also one of the best value wicker basket out there.



  • The basket measures 23cm from top to bottom so you may just need to check you have enough space between your handlebars and your wheel


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