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Basil City Double Panniers in Grey


Carry your things with ease

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The Basil City is a great double pannier bag with a vintage feel. They straddle your rack and buckle on to stay secure and then have another strap at either side of the bags to keep them flush against your rack.

They are made of hard-wearing, water-resistant polyester and have an easy Velcro fastening to open and close. A great set of double panniers for all your cycling adventures whether it be close to home or further a-field.

  • Compact yet spacious double cycling pannier with a capacity of 28-32 litres.
  • With the Universal strap system you can easily attach the bicycle bag to your luggage carrier.
  • Reflective markings on either end of the panniers to make your more visible to traffic.
  • Capacity can be adjusted if you need to carry more with the roll-top closure and Velcro straps.
  • Dimensions: 43 x 37 x 15cm

Double panniers can be really useful when you have a lot of stuff to cart about. If you are off on a cycling holiday or even just the weekly shop, having oodles of space on the back can be very useful. We absolutely love the urban classic style of this product.









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