Dashel Cycle Helmet - Black
Dashel Cycle Helmet - BlackDashel Cycle Helmet - BlackDashel Cycle Helmet - Black

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Dashel Cycle Helmet - Black


Dashel cycle helmets are light, safe and comfortable. They manufacture this range in the UK and are working towards a circular economy with their product design and manufacturing.

  • Certified CE EN1078.
  • Lightweight with 5 air vents Fidlock®
  • Magnetic Clasp - no more pinched skin!
  • It allows you to take the helmet on and off whilst wearing gloves
  • A range of washable fit pads are supplied with each helmet. They allow you to tailor the fit to your exact head shape
  • Vegan leather carrying loop - use it to attach lights to your helmet 
  • Sold packaged in a reusable, drawstring backpack
  • Please note if you are ordering from outside of Europe you may be liable for any customs charges in your home country.

** Unfortunately we cannot ship Dashel helmets to Australia **

The Dashel helmets are beautifully made (in the UK) and have a recyclable shell and liner.  The shape of these helmets is simply divine; a design classic that you'll want to put on your mantle piece at home when your not wearing it on your head. 

The urban cycle helmet is safe, slimline and lightweight and it comes with Dashel's signature range of fit pads, which wick away sweat and are machine washable, to ensure long lasting comfort.

Register your purchase and Dashel will recycle it. 

  • Pads are provided in 2 thicknesses with every purchase, to tailor the fit to your exact head shape. 
  • Place the helmet on your head, push it down ensuring it sits level 1-2 cm above your eyebrows and does not tilt too far backwards or forwards. The helmet should feel snug but not constricting. Use the comfort pads to adapt it to your size
  • Tighten the chin strap, the 'Y' shape should fit just below your ears. The Fidlock clasp must sit under the chin and not on the jawbone.
  • Make sure the strap feels comfortable but secure. You should not be able to get more than one finger between your chin and the strap.

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