Lazer Kids Helmet Bob Birds

Lazer baby/toddler bike helmet - Bob Birds

Cute baby helmet
  • Comfit3 fit system
  • 360 degree reflective material assures high visibility
  • Glue on (1-piece) construction
  • 6 cooling vents
  • Weight: 277 g for a uni-size
  • Size: Uni-Size Kids 45-51 cm
  • Certifications: CE - CPSC - AS

It can be hard to find a helmet small enough to fit securely on a baby's head and that is why we like this baby specific helmet from Lazer. Not only do we love the colourful bird pattern (much more tasteful than most kiddy designs!) But we also love that this helmets can be adjusted to fit your baby's head as he or she grows into a toddler, it has extra coverage around the back of the head and very comfortable padding so you bambino's precious head will be fully protected and you can get on and enjoy your cycling adventures together. 



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