Sawako Furuno Ran Helmet
Sawako Furuno Ran HelmetSawako Furuno Ran helmetSawako Furuno Ran helmetSawako Furuno Ran helmetSawako Furuno Ran helmetSawako Furuno Ran helmet

Sawako Ladies Bike Helmet- Ran - 30% OFF

Pretty & practical ladies cycling helmet
Sawako Furuno
  • Matte finish with instricate butterfly graphic in a white and yellow stitch effect. 
  • Industry standard safety helmet: passes CPSC and EN1078
  • Ventilation holes to keep you cool as you cycle
  • One size, adjustable dial at the back
  • The peak gives the helmets a flattering shape on your head and keeps sun and rain out of your eyes. 

Sawako Furuno beautiful Ran helmet is a firm favourite. The cocoa brown colour is versatile and works a treat with a brown saddle and wicker basket. But Sawako's helmets are more than just a pretty face and are full certifed, ensuring you are safe and stylish at all times. Simply adjust the dial to make sure the helmet fits snugly and off you go about youe cycle chic way. 


Check out our happy helmet guide for information on measuring your head, how to find the right helmet and combatting helmet hair.

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