Clug Bike Rack - Hybrid
Clug Bike Rack - HybridClug Bike Rack on a brick wallClug Bike Rack - exampleClug Bike Rack - example

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Clug Bike Rack Roadie- black

Clug Bike Rack - Hybrid

The smallest bike rack on the planet!

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  • To fit tire width = 33mm - 43mm or 1.3” - 1.7”
  • Universal bike rack to attach to your wall
  • Choose your Clug based on the size of your tire (for Hybrid bikes choose this one. Or if you have a Road bike with thinner tyres go for the Roadie Clug)
  • Choose where you want your Clug to be positioned. 
  • Drill 2 holes (except if you are attaching to a wooden surface)
  • Insert 2 screws to attach your clug to wall and you are done! (have a quick look at the installation guide

Bike storage can the of the very few 'pain in arse' factors of cycling. Even one bike can be tricky in a small flat and you have multiple bikes the problem multiplies. But a Clug could be the perfect solution. They can either keep your bike upright or can hold it in place vertical (see images). They really are very Clever Clugs!

Roadie: will fit small and lean tires. If your tire is between 23 and 32mm (Just over 7/8" to 1.25") then this is the size for you!

Hybrid: will fit slightly wider tires. If your tire is between 32 and 42mm (1.25" to 1.75") then this is the size for you!

How to read tire sizes: The Numbers on the side of the tire tell you everything you need to know about the size of the tire IF you know how to read them!

In determining your tire size, look for a group of numbers that look like what you see in the example below. The numbers that we've highlighted in bold tell you the diameter of the tire (25mm in this case) which is the number you're looking for when measuring for CLUG!

66-25 (700x25 -  28x1.00)

If you are still not sure of the width of your tyres double check by measuring across the width or the tire with a tape measure before ordering.

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