meeova says...
Bern Lenox EPS Ladies Bike Helmet - Satin Champagne - Women Size XS-S (52-55.5cm)

Just received my helmet in the mail today and I love it!! It's so... chic! Color is pretty and helmet is exactly as pictured. I was able to adjust it perfectly and it feels and looks great :) Shipping to California took about a week so, was very quick. Thank you so much for having this in stock and for shipping worldwide. This shop has a great selection and I'm hoping to purchase other things I am not able to find elsewhere. I'm very happy with my purchase and for coming across this company.

Ian Holman says...
Tan string back cycle gloves

Stylish well made comfortable product at a reasonable price. Beats the modern fabric equivalent `hands down`

canderson says...
Winter essential

So glad I purchased the Weathergoods Fur Pogies, they have kept my hands warm and dry over the last few weeks. I live on the west coast of Scotland and they have been a revelation for me on my daily cycling commute. They fit well over the handle bars of my Babboe cargo bike even though they are not straight handlebars. Worth the money.

dteagle says...
Lovely coat!

A stylish and practical coat. Light weight but warm and waterproof. Long length and has back vent which can be closed. 2 spilt zips, elastic cuffs inside fold back cuffs and press studs inside to adjust for making it more suitable for massive downpours or just pottering around. The red trims are a lovely touch. I would definitely recommend it. Great customer service around ordering- thank you.

Kate says...
love this site!

always my first port of call for functional yet not-ugly cycling stuff! thanks !

acjjeffery3 says...
Madonna raincoat

This raincoat is truly wonderful. It looks great, lots of compliments from friends, but most important it keeps you completely dry when cycling in the rain, or indeed walking. When it's not raining it allows you to cycle in a dress or skirt. Perfect for cycling to work, or anywhere.

chrits says...
Viva l' eroica

Very fast in sending the item. Quality of item very good and exactly as described. Thank you very much. I will prefer you if needed in future.

Anna says...
Enjoing cycling in the rain

I purchased the Happy Rainydays Madonna Large (Navy with Red cuffs and skirt) for Spring, Summer and Autumn and the Georgia in Dublin rain skirt (XL). for winter and hot Summer

A short bio: I'm 5ft5" currently a large 14 (the 14 is very tight which leaves me with a slight muffin top, 16's are far too big (Jeans bought from asda fall down, so do skirts and belts dig in too much which is why I wear a 14). I was a size 20 over a year ago until I purchased my ebike, I lost 4 dress sizes within 6months without dieting by simply giving up my car (I still have it just rarely use it) and cycling between 15 and 20 miles per day. I've plateaued at 14 for approximately at year now.

My Purchases: I purchased the *Large* Happy Rainydays Madonna (Navy blue and red with red cuffs) because I loved the contrasting colours and the coat simply looked beautiful and so I took a gamble at the size. It is a snug fit when I'm wearing a polar fleece jacket underneath (but it's too cold not to wear it at the moment). the coat comes down to the middle/ lower end of my shin In My opinion the Large is for a size 14 and wouldn't recommend anyone to buy this coat who's a true size 16 at Barbour, asda, M&S Boden and M&co all of which I'm a 14 (ableit tight)). My rain coat is beautiful. I cycle in it with the rain skirt zipped, it's warm enough for mild rainy days but its definitely not a warm/ winter coat. I have used this in torrential rain today in fact and in mild showers. this coat has kept me lovely and dry in both conditions. The only parts of me that got wet were my hair (I won't wear the hood as there are very limited cycle paths in HULL and some not fit for purpose and far too many ignorant and arrogant drivers to loose my peripheral vision on the roads so I wear a helmet in the rain instead) and my jean bottoms only the cuffs/ankles towards the shins also get wet. I could wear long boots or wellies but I don't have either. when zipped up the skirt keeps the coat out of the wheels but I've noticed it does have a tendency to ride up when wearing jeans (though not in torrential rain?). I've had plenty of compliments regarding my coat and although expensive.. to me it's worth every penny because I am comfortable riding in the rain now which on average saves me about £40 per fortnight in fuel and I don't get stuck in traffic so I arrive at my destinations happier and with more energy).

I purchased: the Georgia in Dublin rain skirt (XL) for winter to go with my winter jacket as Happy Rainydays didn't do a long winter riding coat. The XL is too big for me. I would need the L as a 14 but I can add some velcro so all is not lost and its a lovely skirt which will keep my legs dry in winter. The skirt fits in my pannier bags and takes up no room at all.

My Experience with Cycle Chic: Overall I'm impressed with cycle chic
I ordered both items on the 15/10/19 and they arrived 18/10/19. I'll definitely shop here again.

Tilting Trike Tootsie says...
100% Brilliant

Having drooled over Cyclechic's lovely goodies for ages, I took the plunge. Ordered a wicker basket, double panniers and saddle rain-cover for my daughter's ebike (special birthday present), plus that gorgeous red Georgia in Dublin rainwrap skirt for me. Oh, and some sparkly green butterflies. Not only did all the goodies arrive well packed and in good order, but they arrived so quickly. I live in the Channel Islands and speedy deliveries are rare. Super-impressed with Cyclechic's service. Thank you.

Diana says...
Anti Lycra Cyclist

I used to cycle 45 minutes to work in rainy Glasgow and then take another 30 minutes to shower, get rid of mud and become presentable. I discovered the e bike, now it’s 20 minutes of cycling to get to work but Glasgow remains rainy . My mission has been to get off the bike dry and presentable and to be seen in dark nights. So cycle chic. The Happy Days raincoat has been good - and looks smart even if not cycling. A Hill and Ellis satchel style pannier is a joy to fit and lift off the bike in seconds, much admired as a bag, but a bit small for work papers and cycle spares. So I use a proper pannier for the cycle spares and additional layers. Dublin Leggings have kept my legs and feet very dry. One size reflective mittens were too small for my largish hands and I suspect not waterproof enough and might be difficult to change gear but not put to the test. The reflective vest is great, but not waterproof. I wear it over the raincoat so no problem. I got some reflective hearts to attach to the spokes of my wheels but these bounce off when hitting the odd pothole. Have caused great hilarity in sharing the concept of the cycling thong. Get to gloat in the bike shed with the Lycra set who have to go off and change. Thank you Cycle Chic.

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