dmbradburn says...

I was desperately waiting for the rainwrap to come back into stock given the super wet weather. I was emailed as soon as they came back in stock and had the added bonus of it being reduced! Once again excellent service and speedy delivery, i cannot recommend Cyclechic enough, definately one of my favourite sites. I am already keeping an eye on the new stuff section now that payday approaches...

raquel says...
Great quality pannier and often admired by others!

I have had this pannier over 2 years now and it has been great. Well worth the price. The leather has stayed in great condition and the bag is strong and sturdy. I use the bag about 3 times a week and it doubles up as a handbag at work. When I'm out cycling I often get admirable comments from people wanting to know where I got the bag from! The bag is quite large - and does come with a waterproof cover, which have only used once. I have cycled in light showers and it has been fine. Well recommended if you want a stylish pannier that is large enough for what you need like me!

kevin says...
Pannier feels like a real handbag

My wife loves the Belle Mira swing pannier - it's very practical and robust but still looks stylish enough to carry around as a work handbag all day. The compartments inside work well too. The only grumble is that if anything it's slightly too big, and she sometimes catches her heel on it as she's cycling.

hannahpashleys says...
Great service!

After researching a helmet to buy to match my old-fashioned Pashleys this was the only website that seemed to offer variety at a reasonable price. Prices were equivalent with Amazon and delivery was very quick. I would highly recommend this website and buy from them again. Only complaint would be that I would obviously prefer free delivery! :)

Victoria Diboye-Suku says...
Bern White London Skyline Helmet

I'd had my eye on the Bern London Skyline helmet for 6 months, after Christmas i decided to treat myself! as there was a sale on, 10% off! i ordered on 26 December- they had advised that they would be back on 4th January which was fine by me. The helmet came on Thursday 7th January (to the sorting office) and i was over the moon. Packaged well, no cracks, and more importantly fits my head. will without fail order again from cycle chic, sale or no sale :)

Persnickel says...
Bobbin Chrome Helmet

I have ordered two Bobbin helmets--one in gold for myself and more recently one in silver for a friend. I live in the US, and both shipments arrived much, much faster than expected. I scoured the internet looking for a helmet that was exactly the vision I had in my imagination--and this helmet was it. I couldn't find one anywhere else, it seems that the Brits know how to do stylish cycling more than Americans in my opinion. The high reflectivity of these helmets provide increased visibility and safety as well as garnering much attention and compliments from everyone.

Judith says...
Love the retro cycling gloves

I love the good quality and stylish accessories that you can't find elsewhere. I ordered some of the retro cycling gloves for Christmas presents, and they were well appreciated.

Judith says...
Love the retro cycling gloves

I love the good quality and stylish accessories that you can't find elsewhere. I ordered some of the retro cycling gloves for Christmas presents, and they were well appreciated.

Ray says...
Top notch Customer Service support!

I just bought my first Linus Sac Bag but since I am from Japan, I got in touch with customer service and Ms. Lavinia helped me throughout. She answered every single question clearly and precisely. I was worried about shipping but she gave me good advice and everything was settled quickly. We exchanged a number of emails and every time she was very patient to answer all my questions.

I have never seen such good support and service from overseas because Japan is famous for giving excellent service, but Lavinia is right up there, if not better. This is a great experience and now I will wait for the bag to arrive, and I hope it will be another good experience. Thank you very much, Lavinia.

Lyn says...
No Such Thing trench coat review

I was initially concerned that the fabric would be too thick and not breathable enough, as it is thicker than my Gore jacket and I was unfamiliar with Sympatex. However, it is extremely comfortable, and much nicer against bare skin (when in short sleeves) than my Gore jacket. It is very breathable, with the arm and back vents working well. Normally I take my jacket off as soon as I arrive at work after a 30-minute cycle, to prevent overheating. I deliberately didn't with this jacket, to test it, and it breathed beautifully, allowing me to cool down without pouring sweat.

I LOVE the style, and really enjoy wearing it - to work, out to lunch during the working day, or to dinner after work. It is - and feels - very smart, and I felt great walking into work wearing a smart - rather than obviously cycle - jacket.
The design around the shoulders is excellent, allowing lots of room for movement especially when leaning forward and signalling. It has good length at the back - long enough to cover my bottom, but not so long that it gets caught around the seat (as my poncho does).
There are two pockets on the front, nicely positioned and angled. Ideally there would be additional pockets in the chest and on the inside.
Undoing the buttons while cycling is not difficult, although admittedly less easy than a zip. It's nice to be able to undo the bottom button to create more space for leg movement (although I didn't feel restricted with the last button done up). It's also nice to undo the top and bottom buttons without undoing the whole jacket.
The sleeves pop off and although I haven't tried the sleeveless version yet I am sure this will be very useful.
The reflective material isn't very bright, and this was possibly done to keep the jacket low-key during the day. I would have preferred the usual grey/silver reflective fabric, which reflects brightly. Still, it's a dark coat and I wouldn't rely on its reflective features alone, and as such would always wear a reflective vest or belt over it.

The jacket is wonderfully waterproof, beading beautifully. I haven't worn it in stormy enough conditions to know if the arms vents are a liability in windy wet weather.

The jacket is the perfect blend of windproofness and breathability. Although I could feel the wind coming through slightly, it prevented me from feeling the wind chill. This was fantastic way not to overheat quickly as I do in my Gore jacket.

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