graham.patient says...
old codger

Yeah I'm far too old for a chic about-town helmet but it feels safer than the flat cap and looks a lot more fitting than a flash sporty model. Snug and easy to wear, ingenious catch and genius pop out hole for locking it to the bike stand. My grandkids can tease all they like but I'm very happy with it - and anyway I think they are just jealous. Excellent sales service too - having just been scammed by a dodgy online operation it was good to have my trust restored.

*anottmcyclist* says...
Dashel Helmets + Cyclechic = LOVE

After my previous helmet was nicked (boooo), I required something new to protect my head while cycling from my own clumsiness and also bad drivers. Alas, I ride a beautiful Dutch bike in the city and I wanted something that not only did the job, but looked nice too. I spent many an hour checking out the helmets at Cyclechic - they have the best choice - before choosing a Dashel helmet in Navy Gloss. I really like that its foam doesn't degrade and when wearing the helmet it doesn't look like I'm engaging in extreme sports. And, because Cyclechic and Dashel are lovely, they got my helmet to me the next day before 1pm because I was worried about cycling without. Wonderful! On the first wearing, a friend said the helmet's slimline profile and styling looked like something that belonged with a vintage Vespa - perfect. Upon receiving the helmet, I excitedly opened the Dashel's reinforced cardboard box - no dings to the box nor helmet were going to happen here. (A way better experience than had with a Bobbin Metric helmet where the box was damaged on arrival). The helmet itself was inside a thick and soft cotton bag - very useful to keep the helmet so it isn't scratched and also is hidden away from thieiving eyes, although because of the value it comes with me everywhere (also a perk of the bag). I really like the magnetic clasp and have pretty much gotten used to the mechanism now, even using it with my heavy winter mittens. The helmet's sizing is very good. I measured my head before buying and found that I am a Medium. This fit well on arrival and I noticed the extra pads and instructions for arranging them differently, or choosing to wear the helmet without them entirely. At this point I called Dashel to double check the fit (because I was nervous about getting the wrong helmet for the cost), but the head of the company was really kind and talked me how she wears hers and how to get a good fit. She also let me know that I could just remove the velcro attachment pieces if I wanted to not wear any pads and that, if needed, I could ask for new ones in future if I changed my mind. I'm currently wearing the helmet with a merino wool hat and the thinnest pads inside and it feels comfortable and snug. I needed to learn to tilt it slightly forward to get the correct fit and it's great. A note of comparison: I previously had a Bern Lenox in a M-L size, which was ok although a bit small for my head and very hot in the summer. And I ordered, but returned to the manufacturer, a Bobbin Metric because it felt cheap and badly finished to me. It also moved around a lot on my head when adjusted fully, which was concerning seeing as it's sold as an adjustable fits-all helmet. Yes, the Dashel is more expensive but it fits great, feels secure and looks amazing. I like its company's approach to making bike helmets, their choice of a longlasting foam and strong exterior shell, and that I could call them for help. Would I buy it again? Absolutely. (And I don't have a lot of extra cash, so that's saying something.)

janet.w38 says...

Sorry I waited for a week and I'm not hot on photos,but I am enjoying wearing my Cyclechic Whitstable Poncho in Black to work on my pushbike.It fits well.I like the zip around the hood to the neck and the tie waist straps.It's extremely light a good windproof and good value for money.

Secret Cinderella says...

Absolutely perfect. I had a question which was answered in super quick time. Order placed online easily and smoothly. Helmet and lights then arrived days earlier than expected. All round outstanding! Loved shopping with you. Thank you x

mel says...
Super Poncho

Purchased waterproof poncho as a birthday gift for a sister-in-law who has arthritis and who wanted an ease of use waterproof poncho for when out on her scooter. She is thrilled as fits perfectly being a good length and is very easy to put on and fasten - a useful requirement as she has arthritis in her hands. Already the poncho has had a road test in the rain and the poncho has proved to be waterproof. Would recommend.

JA-W says...
Super product

Perfect, speedy service in the run-up to Christmas. Difficult to find a product which is not too large, nor too small, nor too masculine, nor too utilitarian. This fits the bill, as well as being comfortable and secure.

mcibeline says...
Linus bag

Very nice bag. I love it.

Anne M says...
Super smart raincoat

This long raincoat is just brilliant. The inner skirt is genius for keeping legs dry. Have cycled through heavy downpours this past week yet arrived at work with my dress completely dry. The style is flattering and the colours of navy and red are true to the photo. I wasn’t sure if this coat was a justified expense but am so pleased I bought it and think it will give many years of winter cycling comfort.

Sally R says...
531 label

Thank you. Very happy with the item and the service. And loved the card that came with it showing all the info and how to apply the item. Will defo use you again :)

scicmirko says...
Love my new reflective bike helmet bow!

Purchased a reflective bike helmet bow, to help me be seen even more, when I'm riding home from work on these dark nights. It's super cute addition to my helmet and I've had many compliments about it, plus it keeps me safer and more visible when cycling at night. Highly recommend!

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