Sharon Jackson says...
Thousand helmets to die for...

Just had to write about the wonder that is my new 'Thousand' gold helmet. It's so beautifully designed and crafted; slimline, fits perfectly and the strap is fully adjustable so that it's comfortable on anyone. The magnetic catch virtually fastens and unfastens for you so no more fiddling about. The helmet comes with a whole spare set of 'fit pads' to add to or replace those already fitted. They just snap on and off with velcro. This helmet is proof positive that you really do get what you pay for and it's worth every penny. Whilst I'm at it, the customer service from Cyclechic is as good as it gets, thanks so much for your help, I'll be back soon :)

MikeB says...

Excellent service, excellent price and excellent product. The Bern boy's cycle helmet we bought is a birthday gift for our grandson who lives in Norway. It will be flying out to him when we visit at the end of the month. We would certainly use Cyclechic again and recommend them to others.

Sue says...
Rocking the Urban Cyclist Look

Delighted to have chanced upon the "Cyclechic"website, after buying a new bike recently. I bought several items, including a Bern helmet and everything was of excellent quality and true to size. One item, the tulip panniers, was out of stock, but I received prompt and courteous service from the team. They are now safely received. I couldn't recommend this company highly enough. Thank you!

rosy says...
Linus sack bike pannier

This is the second Linus sack bike pannier I’ve bought from Cyclechic and I have nothing but good things to say about products and Cyclechic. I am only buying a new Linus bag as I somehow lost my last one when I moved house - there was nothing wrong with it after several years of heavy use. The new one is identical except for new and improved clips that attach on to the rack. These are much better. And I opted for a different colour. The sack isn’t huge, but it is relatively easy to stuff in more than you expect. I am now using this in addition to a Hamax babyseat and was concerned about getting something which would fit underneath. Thankfully it does and any larger would be tricky. Perfect size for shoving all child related stuff and no need for a rucksack. Cyclechic are brilliantly easy to use and really effiecent. No complaints whatsoever with their service!

Bronwen Steele says...
Lovely helmet & wonderful customer service

The team at Cyclechic have been great. I ended up exchanging the helmet I originally ordered for a different one, and then having to get a different size in the helmet which I ended up with. In the midst of this, I changed addresses and a helmet went missing in the post on its way to me. Despite being a nightmare customer, the Cyclechic team have offered fantastic customer service, and been really prompt and helpful in responding to me and making sure I ended up with the helmet I wanted. Thank-you so much for your hard work; I really appreciate it! The Thousand helmet is very adorable and has elicited much admiration from people. Being able to lock it to my bike through the pop out logo on the helmet is really handy too. It's nice to have a helmet I feel attractive in!

carlajleighton says...
Best. Bag. Ever!

I absolutely love my Weathergoods Urban Tote Bicycle Bag in Black. I bought it recently as I needed a secure pannier bag which would hold and protect my laptop as I commute to and from work. This bag is absolutely perfect for that! I've also used it in the rain and when opening my bag, everything is still totally dry. My secondary consideration, was having a bag which looked stylish enough to take to meetings and use every day, whilst still having enough capacity and security. This bag absolutely ticks off all my requirements, and I've had compliments on it from people who didn't even realise it was for my bike! LOVE it, and Cyclechic were helpful, quick to deliver, and accurate in the description. Now I just need the bag in Cognac.

cordeliaphelan says...

I'm so pleased with the bicycle helmet. You just don't get this in the shops. A perfect fit. Small holes for ventilation but none of those massive gaps to soak you through when it rains. The colour is amazing!

Jody says...
Rain Protection

Thanks Cyclechic. Your products are very good quality. Your communication was excellent and the shipping was fast. Just waiting for it to rain so I can go for a ride and test them out. Will definatley use your site again for any of my cycling needs.

Bev says...

Too early to say how I am going to get on with this helmet, but it feels comfortable (which was my main concern) it is nice and light and of course foldable. I'm taking the safety aspect as read - assuming Cycle Chic wouldn't sell something below par. It's the most I've ever spent on a helmet and I don't get to ride that often, so it's a bit of a luxury - but so far so good.

Samijo says...
Incredible bike band

I love this - call it my hands-free kit! It's so simple but so effective and has held my enormous phone on over the most humongous bumps. My son tried it out and was initially very sceptical but then loved it so much I bought one for him too! Last of the big spenders!

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