Jody says...
Rain Protection

Thanks Cyclechic. Your products are very good quality. Your communication was excellent and the shipping was fast. Just waiting for it to rain so I can go for a ride and test them out. Will definatley use your site again for any of my cycling needs.

Bev says...

Too early to say how I am going to get on with this helmet, but it feels comfortable (which was my main concern) it is nice and light and of course foldable. I'm taking the safety aspect as read - assuming Cycle Chic wouldn't sell something below par. It's the most I've ever spent on a helmet and I don't get to ride that often, so it's a bit of a luxury - but so far so good.

Samijo says...
Incredible bike band

I love this - call it my hands-free kit! It's so simple but so effective and has held my enormous phone on over the most humongous bumps. My son tried it out and was initially very sceptical but then loved it so much I bought one for him too! Last of the big spenders!

Josie15038 says...

Friendly & helpful service. Had my bag back & fixed within days, great price too!

Ann-Marie says...
Basil bags are the biz!

I love my Basil Bloom Carry All Bike Pannier Bag, I use it every day for work and it's really handy if I need to pick up any shopping on the way home.I can fit a large carton of orange juice and a loaf of bread along with my cardigan with room to spare. The service from cyclechic was excellent, I needed to change my order, and my email was answered the same day and the corrected order arrived a few days later. Thanks cyclechic.

cath0 says...
Cyclechic care about ensuring that customers have quality products

Great service from Cyclechic. The first pannier I bought broke quickly and I contacted cyclechic who rapidly responded and quickly supported me in purchasing an alternative. Good and reassuring communication throughout the process and I am now the owner of a really great bag for my bike - which is much admired! Since then have purchased a helmet from cyclechic too. Quick delivery. Great quality.
I recommend cyclechic as an organisation that cares about its customers and which is keen to ensure that they have good products.
Thank you

kittywink says...

Absolutely love the seat cover and decals! Definitely highly recommended!!

Thank You

Pandora says...
Linus panier bag

So far I've been very happy with Linus panier bag. It clips on easily to my bicycle rack and looks good when I wear it as a handbag. I love how its waterproof without being plastic. I have already got compliments on it!

janebattye1 says...
Thank you

After a long delay my daughter's Christmas present pannier arrived in April! Full marks to Cyclechic though, for prompt responses to anxious enquiries.
My daughter is delighted with the product - the Linus sand and black pannier. Worth the wait.

Greg says...
Super responsive staff

I ordered the signature cranberry Bern helmet from cyclechic. Although it was marked as being out of stock a day after the initial order I received mail that a single piece was excavated from the bottom of the stockpile and is awaiting me. The delivery was to mainland Europe, but despite this fact shipment was swift. I would definitely order one more cranberry-coloured bern if I needed one ;)

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