Valerie says...
Great Stuff

I have purchased a few things from Cyclechic and been ecstatically thrilled with the items - they are so different to any cycle shop. Also with busy lives and trying to be home when a delivery is due the speed and way of delivery is excellent. Thank you Cyclechic

Mark says...
Handlebar Handbag Hugger

By using just 2 screws and bolts on your bicycle, this Handlebar Handbag Hugger will be able to store your handbags safely while you ride through the town. It’s made from chromium plated steel which usually does not rust and so this handlebar hugger can be attached in place on a permanent basis which won’t get affected due to daily wear and tear. The bracket is simple to use and so is the screw fixing process. It is compatible with most handlebars and does not come in between you and your bike ride in any way. Carry your handbags in style and never lose sight of them when you’re riding.

SWH says...
Style and practicality

I spent a long time looking for panniers that were easy to get on and off, were strong and durable and looked good. These FastRider ones do all that and are far from the most expensive out there. Pop them on the bike, pop them into the supermarket trolley, pop them back on the bike; easy peasy. Really good advice from Lavinia, very happy with these and would recommend to anyone (and especially recommend you get one of each colour if you cant decide!)

M Ferguson says...
Fantastic products

The helmet not only looks fantastic but is so comfortable and easy to adjust. The basket suits my new bike perfectly. It is so easy to hook it on and to lift it off. It is a very generous size and holds my bag plus shopping. The service was great and it was delivered quickly too. All and all a perfect shopping experience!!

Candice says...
Stylish, heavy duty carrier

I was having a hard time finding a chrome rear carrier that would fit 700c wheels, but I finally found this. It is surprisingly light, but sturdy and can carry up to 50lbs. I had no problems installing this on my bike. The finish looks good and doesn't seem to scratch too easily. I have no idea if it will eventually rust or not. The welds seem good all except for where the rack tubing is joined together. I wish that had been finished better, but otherwise it seems strong enough. This is in a crucial load bearing area on the left side, by the rear arm to the axel. I currently have the Basil Wanderlust double panniers on it and it fits fine, maybe a bit of overhang. The place to mount a rear light is too far back, I feel, because my pannier bags obscure it from the side. I will probably get a rear fender light to fix this. But, I really do like this carrier. It matches the chrome pieces on my bike and is attractive to look at, unlike some rear carriers that are heavier and only come in either black or grey "silver".

Chris says...
Great Range, quick delivery

Hunted around for some crochet track mitts to replace my worn out Alturas.This was the only website to offer an alternative; in fact the Cyclechic versions were available in alternative colours plus they were better quality with padded leather palms. Nice one! I also bought the copper finish Crane bell. Excellent bit of handlebar eye candy. Unfortunately the bracket wouldn't fit around my 31mm handlebars on my Kona touring bike. It did fit on my fixie though. Any chance you can source the crane bell for thicker handlebars? Still need one.

sarah alhawi says...
Such a cute bag!

Loving this bag, its so spacious and fits everything i need (lock and my usual bag). It fits in so easily onto my rear rack, can't complain!

Nick2003 says...
Excellent service and a good range of products

Found a couple of items that my wife has been looking out for for some time. Really efficient service and items arrived within a few days. Items exactly as described. Good to see a company like this offering products that you struggle to find on the main cycling accessories sites. Will definitely be back for future orders.

Spottydot says...
Yak jay Helmet and Cover

Wow am so impressed with my helmet and cover - have recently rode Southampton sky ride and received lots of compliments - so have spread the word about your products and website. Absolutely love the fact that it doesn't look like a helmet it's so comfy too so will probably buy the denim cover soon too x

Ann says...
Colour punch rain poncho.

My poncho arrived within a couple of days. It took a while to get it out of its carrying pocket as it was pretty firmly stuck together but seems to have pulled apart without any damage. I don't think I'm likely to repackage it in its pocket, unless I take a very long time over it. It's a small pocket to fit a lot of poncho into. The only real criticism I have is that the "waist" tape ties round my hips - which it does on the model in the photos. Unfortunately I didn't see the photo before buying. It would be so much better if it was at waist height. I haven't had chance to try it in the rain as yet. It looks as though it should work. I hope it does.

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