Rachel says...

So in readiness for my winter commuting on my faithful bike, I gave her her annual wash and MOT and added on my new purchases.

I bought 2 reflective helmet bows, they were super easy to attach to the back of my helmet and you don't feel them at all when you have the helmet on. I am going to be creative and add the other bow to some part of my bike but need to plan that (I live in a city in France with a huge rate of bike crime so anything that's not tied down gets stolen ... including wheels)

I also got some Rydesafe Butterflies, they make a nice addition to the bike and they are super reflective.

I love Cycle chic products and I have no complaints at all about delivery or the ease of using the products. I am obsessed with making myself seen in the winter so along with my yellow high vis my bike will be glowing too

Vanessa S says...
customer Service

Very happy with both the service and product I received from Cyclechic. This rain cape is exactly as described - I love it! I haven’t had chance to road test it in the rain yet, but I have no doubt it will hold up. And if it didn’t, I get the impression this company would listen and care, and would try to help resolve. I found their service to be good because it was out of stock when I first found it - I followed their process to be notified when in stock but I had low hopes of this being that fruitful (based on my experiences with other companies). But communications were quick and clear and gave me confidence that this company was on top of things. This is something I personally do consider when ordering online especially, as often if things go wrong I find customer service quality really matters. So I’m very happy to recommend!

Alip43 says...
Linus Linden Bag

After much deliberation I decided on the Linden bag and am very pleased with it. It's a good size and sits securely on my bike. The zipped pocket is handy for keys and I'm sure the press stud design will keep off a slight shower - although not sure what I'll need to do if I get caught in a proper downpour. That aside the bag looks great and is my everyday companion.

Kay says...
Lots of room, no faff!

Product arrived very quickly. I’d had it sent to work so I had no option but to attach it straight away and cycle it home! It attached within seconds as claimed in the ad, and has stayed safely attached for each journey I’ve made since. It looks attractive, easily holds my cycle locks, cardigan and several items of shopping (essential as I work right next door to a supermarket) and the zips are all sturdy and easy to use. My reason for purchase was that, as I have arthritis in both thumbs, I was finding attaching my inherited bike bag (with hooked elastic) increasingly painful; not to mention time consuming! Now I can clip on and be off! This pannier has been a welcome addition to my daily commute. In terms of convenience, ease of use and comfort, it will very quickly have paid for itself.

ctrenchfield says...
My sleek new hat :)

I bought my new Bern hat at a bargainous price at Cyclechic. Delivery was really quick and the hat is lovely gloss black colour - a special edition with Bern & Cyclechic. I’m really pleased with it, I now need to look after it as any scrapes or grazes show up clearly as the hat is so smooth. Don’t let this put you off as it is a thing of beauty! :)

melb1958 says...
The best helmet ever

I bought this Dashel helmet as it didn't look like the usual "pudding bowl" design. It looks so slick and very comfy. Yes, it cost more, but I no longer feel that I look like an idiot with this on. Its so lightweight too. Brilliant helmet and brilliant service.

laalexander18 says...
Weathergoods Luna Rain Cover - Excellent

I bought Weathergoods Luna Rain Cover - Multi Use which I've found is a great for using on my Basil crate. It keeps things from falling out and, most importantly, keeping things dry. The packaging is mainly recyclable to my memory. I ended up having to buy a replacement as I lost mine, but otherwise it had lasted me nearly a year without any signs of quality loss. Highly recommend it. I haven't used it as a bag cover. Product turned up in good time and suitable packaging.

fedesoc says...
Folding water bottle

I'm very pleased with my folding water bottle, I keep it folded as an emergency bottle in my bicycle saddle bag or in my purse so that it's always with me. I can fill it in one of the many public fountains that we have in Rome. I bought two of these to make a gift to a friend.

monaghan702@btinternet.com says...
Good Gloves .

Your goods were as described (track mitts ) . They were of a high quality and proved to be a very welcome gift . Delivery was prompt and well within the given time . I would have no hesitation using your services again and will recommend you to my friends .

janandtaz says...
Dog and bike very happy!

I bought the Basil dog basket for my new puppy. Very good piece of kit, sturdy and easy to fit onto my e-bike pannier. I bought the cage as well which I would recommend unless you have a very placid dog (the basket does include clips for a harness but I felt safer having something on top. Only had a couple of spins to date but pup appears happy. Should add excellent customer services. One of the bungees which secure the cage to the basket, was broken on arrival - a quick phone call and a replacement arrived the next day.

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