Cyclechic's Happy Helmet Guide

We believe wearing a cycling helmet need not to be an embarassing ordeal that leaves you crying in shame. A helmet can not only protect your lovely head but can be a great boost to your confidence. It can also look fabulously stylish. Here's our 4 step guide to finding a helmet that looks and feels great.

1. Measure your Head

You will need a flexible tape measure and then simply place it around the circumference of your head, pulling it taut. The tape measure should be positioned at the following 3 points. You can then look at the sizing charts below for our different brands to see what size you need.


2. Choose a Style

Bern Lenox

  • Stylish peak keeps sun and rain out of your eyes
  • Comes in an array of fabulous colours
  • Sponge padding for comfort and dial-adjuster at back
  • Rounded shape designed to flatter as well as protect
  • Women specific
  • Air vents at top and back to keep you cool
Size Measurement (cm)
XS-S 52 - 55.5cm
M-L 55.5 - 59cm

Bern Watts 

  • Burley high impact shell with expanded polystyrene hard foam
  • Sponge padding for comfort
  • Air vents at the top and back for ventilation
  • Dial at the back to adjust size
Size Measurement (cm)
S-M 54 - 57cm

57 - 60.5cm


Size Measurement (cm)
XS-S 52 - 55.5cm
M-L 55.5 - 59cm



  • Amazingly shiny - great for visibilty and general bling factor
  • 11 ventilation holes to keep you cool
  • The best budget helmet in town
  • Padded interior for comfort
  • One size with adjustable pads
Size Measurement (cm)
One size only 48-62cm

YAKKAY with or without a cover

  • Helmet base with interchangable hat covers
  • Change the covers to suit your outfit
  • Brim keep sun and rain out of your eyes
  • Comes with a series of foam pads to get the fit just right
Size Measurement (cm)
Medium 51 - 56cm
Large 55 - 59cm


  • The prettiest helmets in town - they come in array of beautiful designs
  • Ventilations holes
  • Adjusttable dial at the back




  • Super lightweight
  • Lots of ventilation so great for you speedy cyclists
  • Comes in gold and wood
  • 2 sets of padding inserts to get the right fit
Size Measurement (cm)
Small 52 - 54cm
Medium 55 - 58cm
Large 59 - 61cm


  • Sleek and simple design
  • Gloss finish
  • Tough outer ABS plastic shell bonded to shock absorbing polystyrene inner layer
  • Comfort fit pads allow fresh air to move over user's head
  • Swiss-made rear dial to adjust sizing
  • Certification EN1078 and CPSC
Size Measurement (cm)
S/M 53 - 58cm
L/XL 58 - 61cm




  • Simple skate-style
  • Matt Finish
  • Comes with padded inserts to get the fit just right
  • Lots of Bright colours
Size Measurement (cm)
XXS-XS 49-52cm
S-M 53-56cm
L-XL 57-59cm


  • Comes in 3 colours
  • Rubberized matte finish
  • Magnetic locking
  • Secret poplock to secure your helmet to your bike
Size Measurement (cm)
S 54-57cm
M 57-59cm
LL 59-62cm

3. Check it fits comfortably and securely

Place the helmet on your head, push it down ensuring it sits level and does not tilt backward or foward.The helmet should feel snug but not uncomfortably tight.

Tighten the chin strap, the 'Y' shape should fit just underneath your ears. Make sure it feels secure, you should not be able to get more than a finger between your chin and the strap.

It's too small if...

  • It feels so tight it is causing pain
  • There is space between the top of your head and the helmet

It's too big if...

Move your head from side to side, if it wobbles it may be too big. Depending on your helmet type there maybe adjustments you can make either with padding inserts or a dial or strap at the back.

Make the neccessary adjustments and do the wobble test again...

If you have any problems with the size get in contact with us, we are only to happy to help.


4. How to Combat Helmet Hair

  • Keep your hair clean - clean hair will usually bounce back into shape easily when you remove your helmet.
  • If you have long hair tie it back in a low pony-tail and then untie and give it a quick brush when you remove your helmet.
  • Try rubbing some dry shampoo into your hair and give it a shake to get volume back after you take your helmet off.
  • If you are a speedy cyclist and prone to a sweaty head go for a lighweight well- ventilated helmet.
  • If you want to avoid sweaty head syndrome all together opt for a Dutch style bike which will allow you to cycle at a slower pace and not work up a sweat.


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