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Road Sense Sally - Have a lesson

Last weekend I embarked on a spot of cycle training and what a thoroughly enjoyable and fruitful experience it was. Liz, my local instructor, arranged to meet me at a park a stones throw from my house. She talked to me about my level of cycling and what I wanted to get out of the lesson and proceeded to tailor the 2 hour session to my needs. We started off with some bike control exercises (pictured above the Hi-5) and thanks to Liz, I finally understood how my gears work! (in the past I have been a bit of a girl and just moved them up and down hoping for the best)
As I cycled away after the lesson to meet a friend for coffee I felt noticeably empowered about my right as a cyclist and felt entitled to take more space on the road. It was both an eye opener and a confidence booster and the bill was kindly picked up by Hammersmith and Fulham, who fund all the cycle training in the borough.
I would recommend a cycling lesson to both those starting out and those who have cycled for a while but do still have a few questions. Contact Cycle Training UK for more details and to find out if you are eligible for funding.
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London Fashion week's Wheels and Heels

A wonderful night of beautiful bicycles, beautiful people and most importantly beautiful clothes and accessories. Designers included Dashing Tweeds, Swallows, Two and Fro, B:inc, Sarah Rose and Natalia Buck, Archies Gro Bags, Boulder Boutique, Smeer, H1 Designs and Glovedup

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Top 3 stylish cycling helmets

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Tip 8: Pace yourself

If you are thinking about taking to 2 wheels this spring be sure to ease your way in. You are then much more likely to enjoy it and stick with it, rather than ending up red faced, achey and frustrated.

A few tips…

• Cycle at a leisurely pace rather the racing along with the Lycra clan. You will look far more graceful and will arrive at your destination fully composed with out any unsightly sweat patches.

• If you have not cycled for a while start off by doing a few laps of your local park then graduate to short routes that you know, to the shops or local café.

• If your journey to work seems a little daunting start off by cycling to you’re nearest tube or train station, ensuring you lock your bike up securely.

• When you feel ready to cycle all the way to work check your route on TFL’s Journey Planner Select the cycling option and type in your starting point and destination and it will recommend a route on quieter, more cycle friendly roads.

• Armed with your map choose a nice sunny day at the weekend, when you have no time restraints, to explore your route. Do not cycle to work for the first time on a Monday morning if you are not entirely sure where you’re going. It could result in you getting lost and turning up at work late and flustered.

• When you have mastered your route just cycle in twice a week to start with to get your fitness levels up. Never force yourself to cycle when you don’t feel like.

Do not feel you have to cycle when….

• You have the mother of all hangovers

• It’s a blowing a gale or chucking it down with rain or both

• You are wearing a pencil skirt and 6 inch heels and have just spent an hour on your hair for a big meeting or date.

• You are reading a particularly good book and quite fancy a bus journey.

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Wheels and Heels

Who needs an over priced meal and forced romance on Valentines day when you could be at the Cycle Fashion event of the year, Wheels and Heels. Leading designers in Cycle Chic will be flaunting their fabulous designs at this evening of bicycle beautifulness. So get yourself down to the Columbia Road Flower Market in East London at 6pm on 14th Feb to be truly inspired!
For more information go to wheelsandheels

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Wheels and Heels

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