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10 Perfect Christmas Cycling Gifts for Him

You know how it is with some men. Ask them what there favourite groupset is, Shimano or Campagnolo, or to explain the comparative virtues of steel versus carbon frames, and they can talk for England. Ask them what they’d like for Christmas, that’s a whole different story, one that usually ends with the phrase, “…why don’t you surprise me.” Well if your boyfriend or husband fits that description, and you’re looking for the perfect cycling gift for him, you’ve come to the right place. Cast your eyes over the ten suggestions below, and don’t forget, if you spend £100 or more you get free next day delivery, leaving you more time to do a little window shopping of your own.


1. La Bouclee Bicycle Beer Holder £21.99

For the cyclist who has everything (except a clever way to carry their beer sur son velo), La Bouclee have designed this clever solution. Just a few twists of this single strip of leather and, et voila, your favourite brew is hanging safely from the crossbar, or swinging securely from your stem. Best of all, at this price you can afford more than one, cos it takes two to make a party, right.


2. Brick Lane Bike Saddle Bag £25.00

If you cycle you need to carry tools, because your guaranteed to get a puncture when your miles from a bike shop. But nobody wants to spend the day walking around with a pocketful of spanners, bike levers and inner tubes. That’s where this little waxed canvas and leather strapped retro styled beauty comes in. Easy to attach to your saddle with plenty of room for all you need in an emergency, it’s a stylish solution to a workaday problem.


3. Hill and Ellis Sherlock Cycling Pannier £195.00

Looking for a pannier that doesn’t look like a pannier? The answer is elementary my dear reader. The sleek ox-blood leather Sherlock satchel bike pannier can pass muster in the office or at the club, but hooks easily and securely to your bike when it’s time to cycle to your next meeting. It’s big enough to fit a 15 inch laptop inside, and the shoulder strap means it’s comfortable to carry all day. Its reversible reflective strips and fully waterproof reflective rain cover mean that you’re visible to other road users, and ensure that the contents of your bag stay dry and secure.


4. Thousand Bicycle Helmet, Navy £85.00

Want to wear a helmet while cycling, but don’t want to look like you’re trying out for a place on Team Sky? The Thousand helmet might be just for you, with it’s retro visor style, leather-look vegan adjustable straps, and two sets of adjustable padding for a true custom fit. Plus, rather than have the hassle of carrying it around all day, just use the secret pop-lock on the side to secure it to your bike. Problem solved.


5. Rainbow Allen Keys £18.99

Say no to boring grey tools -  these colourful allen keys will bring a smile on Christmas day and make those little jobs all the more fun!


6. Otto London Cycling Poncho, Green £88

I know what you’re thinking, a cycling poncho, that’s a very bold choice. I thought the same until the Otto London changed my mind. Made from waterproof oxford nylon, with taped inner seams and reflective piping, this solves the two main urban cycling problems, keeping dry and being seen. And because the lining is lightweight cotton, this can double as a stylish casual jacket for daily use. So yes, you’ll stand out from the fluoro-jacket brigade, but that’s a good thing, right.


7. Cyclehoop Bikeshelf £79.80

Do you sometimes wish you had more space to store your precious two wheeled steed? Urban living often translates into cramped flats and narrow hallways, and no-one likes tripping over a bicycle in the dead of night. That’s why the Bikeshelf is so popular, with its rubberised element to protect your frame from scratches, and integrated hooks and shelves to keep all your cycling ephemera secure and tidy, it’s even available in a variety of shades, so you can match it to your room’s colour scheme. Clever, practical and stylish, it ticks all of our boxes. (Please note, due to it’s weight the Bikeshelf does not qualify for free next day delivery if bought with another item).


8. Retro Crochet Cycling Gloves £17.99

If you’ve got a classic bike, you’ve got to get a pair of these. The moment you slip them on you feel like you’re cycling in the Eroica Britannia, and your thoughts turn to the benefits of merino jerseys and tweed cycling shorts. Alternatively you might just like the fact that they look as cool as the mesh back keeps your hands on a warm day. Either way you’ll find it difficult to choose which of the classic colour combinations to buy, but then at this price you don’t have to buy just one pair.


9. Closca Fuga Collapsible Helmet, Black £110

Crazy name, clever helmet. The way this helmet folds down to 50% its normal size will appeal to the design nerd in anyone. No wonder it won the Red Dot Design Award in 2015 and is part of the MOMA Collection in New York. Light as a feather and safety certified, this stylish helmet may have solved the problem of what to do with your lid when you’re not riding. Plus, when winter comes you can purchase a Nordic liner to keep your head toasty and warm. Truly a helmet for all seasons.


10. Katie’s Bike Cufflinks £30

Want to look slick in the boardroom while subtly signalling to your fellow cyclists that you’d rather be biking? These dapper cufflinks, cleverly fashioned from recycled chain links, have both bases covered. Plus you’ll be helping the environment by keeping those old chains out of the local landfill. Green, stylish and fun, what more could you want from a present?


Ten perfect cycling gifts for him there if he’s been nice, or for yourself if he’s been naughty, check with your bike elves first if you’re in any doubt. And for those of you looking for something a little less substantial, coming up next is the first of two perfect cycling stocking filler lists for all those last minute gift ideas.

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